The Tehran Monoxide Project: Bringing Eco Awareness to Iran

It comes as no surprise that our world’s eco system is rapidly on the decline, regardless of our sporadic efforts. Just look at Iran – it is literally choking on it’s own pollution. In response to the concern for their survival, a bold group of artists in Tehran have created the Tehran Monoxide Project as a full-scale protest against the deterioration of the air quality that threatens their community. Massive art installations and posters are creating much needed awareness in the general public that was otherwise somewhat oblivious to the ecological downfall that is impending. Installations such as the one depicted here enforces the idea that deforestation is becoming a major problem, and if it continues, they will continue to suffocate.

Residents are finally becoming educated about the various health effects and are becoming increasingly concerned about just how long they will be able to survive in one of the most toxic cities on the planet. Parents are now realizing that their children won’t have much of a world to live in if it continues. Hopefully, with enough awareness and preparedness, they will be able to come up with long-term solutions that can make a difference in their survival. While it is unlikely that their quality of life will make a complete recovery, they are at least beginning to get a good start on making significant changes in their day-to-day lives.

To find out more about the Tehran Monoxide Project, check out their website.

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