Naama Futerman: Giving Garbage A Second Chapter

Israeli designer Naama Futerman loves to give discarded objects a second life – a worthwhile cause in a world overflowing with landfills. Based out of Tel Aviv, she scavenges the city for objects that have been thrown out by its citizens – mostly old wooden objects and textiles – and transforms them into intriguing and functional sustainable furniture. Her initial sense of exploration brought her to the discovery that people don’t just throw their stuff away because it’s damaged or no longer functional – they do it because they are constantly in the process of renewing their surroundings. Breathing new life into used objects gives them a chance to be useful again.

I love how she can take something simple like a discarded door, and turn it into a coffee table, or re-upholster an old chair with a worn-out rug to give it a distinctively interesting new look. Be sure to watch out for more of her work which is usually exhibited in the Middle Eastern region.

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