The Hanging Urban Gardens of Manuel Dreesman

Living in a dense urban area is commonly seen as eco-friendly habitation, but it is also necessary to live near the sources of food that you rely upon in order to reduce pollution. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an easy feat in a dense urban area, which is why urban environmentalists are constantly seeking out new innovations in order to bring the garden closer to our living spaces. Rooftop gardens are a great start – they help insulate the buildings and have a multitude of capabilities that vary worldwide – but balconies offer prime garden real estate in close quarters.

Manuel Dreesman is a German designer who’s come up with a beautiful hanging garden that makes the most use out of your small space. Dreesman’s Skyfarm is designed to keep the garden suspended over you to give you maximum patio action. Pulling on a handle gives you easy access to your plants and keeps them separate to avoid common plant diseases that may spread. There’s no doubt that buildings are getting taller as the population increases and we’ll be faced with walls of balconies one day, choking out our parks and backyards. Why go to the grocery to buy overpriced, genetically-modified produce when you can have it in the luxury of your own apartment?

Still in early concept stages, Dreesman is hoping to bring the Skyfarm to the world as soon as possible – check out his website, which is full of incredibly gorgeous design.

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