Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida’s Tiny Gastronomic Adventures

Since 2002, husband and wife team Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have created a multitude of amazing photographs of a micro universe that exists only between the two of them, and they’re quickly gaining popularity, particularly in the world of gastronomy. Frenchman Pierre met Japanese Akiko while studying in an art school in Paris, and their combined interests are what drew them together – Akiko is a total foodie and Pierre has an affinity for comic books and photography – together, they’ve found the perfect medium for expression, and not only does it work – it’s borderline magical.

The couple present a growing series of photographic diptychs that illustrate little stories in comic book fashion. At this point they must have over 60 of them and they just keep coming. The subject of these photos is usually comprised of gorgeous macro shots of beautifully staged culinary treats, with tiny little people in various forms of action – both ordinary and extraordinary, using the food as a setting, on which they playfully act out their teeny scenarios.

The range of themes varies – from simple domestic scenes to full-on warfare – all of which contain a driving action. The first image usually sets up the little characters in a setting that we can’t quite make out fully, then is followed by a second panel that reveals more of the scene as it unfolds – sometimes illustrating a delightfully amusing punchline of sorts. This all culminates into a quirky way of perceiving things differently, and how the construction of meaning can be achieved through images. Through their imaginative creations, they have managed to meld different forms of photography, including macro, portraiture, landscape and culinary staging. They’ve already been featured in many publications across Europe and continue to gain exposure.

To visit their microcosmos, visit their website.

    • Yeah – they’re super awesome! There’s TONS more on their website, which I keep going back to just to have a quick peep now and again. I love love love their concepts!

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