One-Of-A-Kind Custom Shoe Design

While morning television usually spells the antithesis of inspiration in my world, I was greeted this morning with an unremarkable fluff piece on hand-painted shoes. The artist they had on the show was less than interesting, and once I visited her Etsy site, I was doubly unimpressed, but it triggered a thought – how many other people are out there designing beautiful one-of-a-kind shoes? This led me to do a little “investimagating”, as I like to call it, into the world of custom shoe design. These are only a few of the multitudes of awesome designs and artwork (in no particular order), that’s currently out there (and it barely scratches the surface).

Fire & Ice flats by Lauren Glick!


Here’s a few sites that also carry impressive custom shoe designs, if this kind of thing tickles your fancy:

Studio Jellyfish Shoes


Figgie Shoes

Your Kicks

Punk Your Chucks

Mallory Musante Shoes

On Etsy

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to let me know if you come across any other good sources!

  1. Ed said:

    How can I order a pair of sneakers from you??

    • I don’t actually design sneakers. You would have to contact the company itself.

  2. Lauren said:

    Hi I’m Lauren Glick. I randomly ran across my shoes from google images and would really appericate it if I could get credit for my ‘fire & ice’ flats. Is it possiable to get my name on my shoes? … for people like Ed who want an artist to design some shoes.

    – Lauren

    • Yes! Absolutely! Sometimes I can’t find the original artists to credit for the photos – and I believe in giving full credit to those who work so hard. Thanks so much for contacting me about it. Sorry for the delay in answering – I’ve been on hiatus.

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