Step Into The Light: The 2012 Light Festival in Belgium

More than half a million people were drawn to the light in Ghent, Belgium for their 2012 Light Festival, which showcased an extravagant LED light display created by the Luminarie De Cagna, a family run-company that has been creating beautiful and dramatic light displays since 1930.

Although the festival included more than 30 other displays, the Luminarie De Cagna exhibit outshone them all, and stood as the psychedelic centre-piece. Built to resemble a Romanesque cathedral with Renaissance influence, entirely constructed out of wood, and totally enveloped by 55,000 LEDs, the display towered around 28 meters (92 feet), yet only consumed 20 kWh of energy. Which makes you wonder if it is visible from space.

What’s interesting about the Luminarie De Cagna is that they’ve truly been able to evolve with the times, whereas once they used oil and carbine lights, then naturally gravitated towards electric, and have now exclusively used LEDs since 2006.

If you can read Italian, check out their website.

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