Think Outside of the Box and Design Your Own Structural Packaging

You’re crafty and innovative with a flair for design. You’ve got your awesome creations posted for sale on Etsy and eBay. You’re super excited because things are starting to sell  – but how are you going to package them and still retain your entrepreneurial “DIY” image? Why leave the last stage of production up to the pros? Make your own original packaging! It’s easier than you thought with Paul Jackson’s new book “Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3-D Forms”. Now you can create some really cool box art and add all the finishing touches that will enhance your company’s image and make you look like a creative genius. Or if you simply want to make papercraft sculptures, the sky’s the limit.

All the step-by-step instructions are laid out and easy to follow with accompanying illustrations, and begins with leading you through the basics and stepping it up a notch for each project. Jackson wrote the book so that it could be followed in chronological order but if you fancy yourself an origami master, feel free to skip to whatever tickles your creative taste buds. He goes into a lot of great detail regarding closures and and self-locking forms, as well as the deconstruction of shapes and gives you a lot of room to work with and gets the ball rolling when it comes to creating custom 3-D paper art. Geometry in the 2-D and 3-D world hasn’t changed, but  Jackson explains, “they can be combined and deformed in a never-ending series of permutations to create a very great number of beautiful and practical forms.”

“Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3-D Forms” hits bookstore shelves in February of 2012, so pre-order your copy now from Laurence King Publishing and Amazon.

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    • Hi there! Thanks for the support! Sorry for the delay in responding – I’m still trying to get a hang of this. 🙂

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