Street Stencil Pioneer Jef Aérosol

Street art pioneer Jef Aérosol threw up his first stencil piece in 1982 in Tours, France. Since then, he has graced the walls of dozens of cities worldwide (London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, New York, Brussels, Chicago, Lisbon, and Bejing to name a few), and joined the ranks of the infamous alongside other historical graffiti artists Blek le Rat, Speedy Graphito and Miss.Tic. Functioning mostly as “agent provocateur”, the messages he conveys evoke an emotional response to the urban sprawl that encroaches upon all of us, and tries to incite the importance of peace, pushing towards a world that embraces a zen-like way of being.

His work has been showcased in a variety of venues – at festivals, galleries, solo and group exhibits, art fairs, special events and even auction sales – and he’s been published in books too. In 1986 he was responsible for the cover art for “Vite Fait, Bien Fait” (éditions Alternatives / Agnès B, Paris), which was the first book published on the subject of street stencils, and in 2007 he released “VIP Very Important Pochoirs” (éditions Alternatives, Paris), which I am currently trying to obtain to add to my library. He continues to create commissioned pieces and show his work in galleries across France and Belgium, and yesterday, he opened an exhibit at the Musee-en-herbe in Paris.

To find out more about Jef Aérosol, check out his website, which includes info on the seven upcoming shows he has going on for 2012, and if you ever find his art tucked away in a strange part of the world, make sure you snag a shot and upload it to his Flickr group.

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