The "A" Project

Akira fans will delight in the latest addition to the world of fashion, taking cosplay to a whole new level – the super-iconic red jacket donned by Kaneda in the famous anime film has been officially replicated for the masses by Bandai Visual – and can be all yours for a measly $1000! 

As part of the “A” Project, every detail has been intricately reproduced, right down to the stitching and hardware and it’s crafted from high-quality oil-softened leather. An alternate black version has also been created for the 30th anniversary of the legendary manga comic created by master Katsuhiro Otomo, with “2019 A.D. 28 Neo Tokyo” replacing the original capsule graphic that graces the back of the jacket. 

Sizes include medium, large, double-large, and triple-large (keep in mind that these are Japanese sizes). So come on, borrow your girlfriend’s credit card, hit up Google translate, and pre-order yours today

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