Comedy Central’s Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time

Once a bit-part actor, known for his hilarious rollerskating crackhead prostitute character Terry on Reno 911!, and super gay brother in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, amongst others, comedian Nick Swardson is now on a serious roll. His new comedy show Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time premiered last month on Comedy Central and holy shit – why have they been hiding this guy in cameo roles? First of all, he’s a riot as a comedian – he’ll throw anything at you, so why wouldn’t he prove himself to be an amazing writer? Pretend Time is basically a bunch of super funny little skits, all thrown together in a seamless fashion, to encompass a variety of ridiculous scenarios straight from the horse’s mouth. When I sat down to watch the first episode, within ten minutes I was asking myself how long they would let this guy rule the airwaves – he has a knack for toeing the line in such a way that makes you wonder how sick you are as a viewer – fan-fucking-tastic! Some of my favorite bits include Wheelchair Cat: Trust Fund Kitty, and Garry Gaga, policeman, and brother of the infamous Lady Gaga. And it’s just the beginning. 

I hope they give this guy a major contract so he sticks around for a long time. Not since The Chappelle Show have I laughed this hard, and still find myself quoting from the very first episode; “what can I say – I’m a Gaga.”

Look for the show on Comedy Central on Tuesday nights at 10pm. 

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