FOX’s Running Wilde

I was a really huge fan of Arrested Development and was incredibly upset when it was cancelled, but creator Mitch Hurwitz is back with a new series called Running Wilde on FOX, starring Will Arnett as a wealthy oil tycoon’s son named Steven Wilde. It’s a lighthearted comedy about how money can’t buy him the one thing he wants – tree-hugger Emmy Kadubic (played by Keri Russell). After spending a few years trying to save a tribe in the rainforest, alongside her activist fiance Andy (played by David Cross), and her daughter Puddle (Stefania Owen), Wilde’s father’s oil company poses a threat to the ecosystem, so Emmy takes her daughter to visit him to see if he can put an end to it and save the tribe. 
Upon viewing the first episode, the show doesn’t seem to draw as much hysterical laughter as it’s predecessor, but leaves a lot of room for growth. It’s written in the same vein as Arrested Development so if you weren’t a fan of that kind of humour, you might not find this show interesting. I found that the contrast between egotism and eco-activism is refreshing, since most other programs on television lately all centre around an increasingly materialistic world. The cast seems promising, and the use of Puddle’s voice as a perspective in narration is a nice touch – since she drives her mother to want to live in civilization again. 
I’m hoping for great things with this show. It’s still early, and it can only get better. With all the drivel that they’ve been touting on television lately, this is a welcome change. 
To view more about the show, click here

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  1. Rich said:

    Great illustration work that I ever seen.

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